Football – History and Rules in a Nutshell


Football was played in the Public Schools of England in the 1800’s. During the 1850’s endeavors were made to normalize the standards that changed from one spot to another. The most punctual standards were drawn up at The Cambridge University. Sheffield Football club was framed in 1857. Twelve football clubs got together at The Freemason’s Tavern in Great Queen Street in London, in 1863 to frame the Football Association.

Blackheath football association pulled out from it because of contrasts in ball ank starting off. It shaped the Blackheath Rugby association.

In 1886 The International Football Association (FA) Board was shaped in Manchester.. comprising of the four nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland The main world cup was played among England and Scotland in 1872, at The Oval.

The universes first Football association was borne under the Director of Aston – Villa William Mc Gregor. It comprised of 12 clubs from the midlands and north of England.

FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) was brought into the world in Paris in 1904

FFAB (Federation of Football Association Board) was shaped in 1913 and comprises of 8 individuals – 4 from FIFA and one each from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

The Game

The Game is administered by an official. His choice is Final. He is helped by 2 refs. There might be a fourth.

There are 2 groups.. 11 players in each group. Each group should have a Goal Keeper.


The game is played on a rectangular pitch. รีวิวอนิเมะ

Length = 100 to 110 meters: the 2 long queues are called contact lines

Broadness = 64 to 75 meters: the 2 short lines called objective lines

A rectangular objective is situated at the center of every objective line. The inward edges of the upward goal lines should be 7.2metres separated. The lower edges of the cross-bar upheld by the goal line should be 2.44metres over the ground.

Punishment region is the half circle region witth sweep 16.5metres from the center of objective line.


The game has two brief periods isolated by a brief stretch.

In the event that there is a punishment toward the finish of the game, it must be finished before the finish of the game.

The group with the largest number of objectives wins.


There are 17 guidelines

1. Number of players

2. The field of play

3. The ball

4. The Referee

5. Right hand Referees

6. Player Equipment

7. Term of match

8. Ball all through play

9. Begin and restart of play

10. Strategy for scoring

11. Fouls and unfortunate behavior

12. Offside

13. The punishment

14. Free kicks

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