Soccer Fans, Football Fans – We’re All The Same

I’m English so football implies something very unique to me. Obviously what I consider as football is really soccer. Nonetheless, having perused a considerable lot of the articles in this part, and watched a reasonable few rounds of American Football on TV, I get the inclination that the experience for a Brit of going to soccer matches is a lot of equivalent to for an American going to football matches.

I’ll clarify the similitudes between the two:

Being important for a family

In the event that you support a group, you feel like piece of one major family. In this inexorably separate world, it is one of only a handful of exceptional spots you can be great many others who are largely on your side and need exactly the same thing. It is a soothing inclination.

Adoring your group

You can’t change your group. They are with you forever. Whatever they do and whatever happens to them, they will consistently be yours. Somebody once said that the group you support is the main thing in your life you can’t change. You can change your accomplice, your work, your appearance, even your name, yet you can never change your group.

Cheering the heroes

These folks are our saints. We don’t have any acquaintance with them, and they may be the most incredibly dreadful individuals in ordinary life, yet for the term of the game, they are legends. A piece of expertise will quickly invigorate thousands. They have extreme force, and for a few hours every week they are our number one individuals on the planet. Interesting how practically every one of the heroes play for our group right?

Booing the miscreants

We love to loathe them. Most different groups have one. The hotshot. The haughty one. The one that can transform you into a crazy maniac loaded with contempt since he is playing against your group. There will never be a trouble maker in our group, yet the vast majority of the others have one. เกม Flighting ยอดฮิต


This is the a single possibility every week that the greater part of us can act gravely, yell, cheer, boo, dance, even swear once in a while, and it is entirely satisfactory conduct since every other person is doing it.

Eating and drinking

For you all I get it’s pretzels and Nachos, for us it’s Pies and chips. Then, at that point, obviously, there’s the lager. Live steadily the entire week, and afterward do your spot for expanding world weight on match days.

Timeless agony followed by everlasting confidence

The outrageous feelings that the game causes resemble no other. A loss leaves you feeling that the world has reached a conclusion. A horrible showing and you are addressing whether you will at any point go to a game once more. Then, at that point, a day or thereabouts later, something occurs. You begin to recollect the great pieces. You recollect how unfortunate you were in the last game. You look forward and think, “A success one week from now and we could in any case make the end of the season games”. Obviously the melancholy isn’t required, it’s just a game, and the idealism is once in a while legitimized.

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