How To Choose Online Casino With Good Return

To choose an online casino with a good return, I had to study the RTP in detail and what it depends on. Also on this site of Top, there is a selection of casinos where you can really win and withdraw money.


The main factors affecting the return of the slot when playing:


  • the originally pledged percentage of return. In licensed casinos with the original software, the return varies in the region of 95-99%


  • The volatility of the slot. The term slot volatility (variance) in simple words is the ratio of the distance and recoil in the slot. There are high, medium, and low volatility slot machines. For example, the Dead or Alive2 slot machine is considered to be highly volatile. If you go to the official website of the NEtent provider and find information about this slot, the following picture emerges:


  • As you can see, the RTP is 96.8%, and the volatility is described as “High”.
    This means that the frequency of winning in the Dead or Alive2 slot is minimal, but the size of the win can reach x100000 of the bet. In slots with low value, wins happen more often, but the size is not large, so it is better to play them at a large bet.


  • distance of play and bankroll. If you cannot get a win even after losing a large amount, it is recommended to continue to periodically enter this game and make a small number of bets. Ultimately, the Distance will result in the return of previously lost money


  • random. Experienced players have repeatedly come across there that it is impossible to win absolutely in all slots, or, on the contrary, they give to win;

If you manage to increase your balance with each passing game, you should continue to play further and squeeze the maximum.


When you cannot win with everything, it is better to stop playing and go to the casino after a while. Changing the provider or playground can also help.


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