EPL Referees’ Controversy: Mark Clattenburg

At 35, Mark Clattenburg is perhaps the most youthful ref in the Premier League. Clattenburg started his refereeing vocation, allied football in England, when he was delegated as aide arbitrator in the Northern League, in the 1993-94 season.


Inside a year, Mark was elevated to ref and he administered matches in the Northern League till 1999 when he moved to the Football Conference, where he filled in as a ref in 1999-2000, while serving at the same time as an associate ref in the Football League.


In the following season, Clattenburg started to manage matches as a chief ref in the Football League, where he proceeded till he was elevated to the Premier League in 2004. The youthful ref has been dynamic in the Premier League, from that EPL 경기일정 point forward. In 2006, Clattenburg was recorded by FIFA to ref global matches, in this manner making him the most youthful English ref to measure up.


In his ten years allied football in England, excluding the ebb and flow season, Clattenburg has directed in 273 games. During this residency, he has granted 909 yellow cards and 45 red cards, to failing players. Generally, Clattenburg has recorded a yellow card issuance normal of 2.94 per match, while the comparing normal for red cards gave by the official is 0.15.


Strangely, Clattenburg was at his most card-glad temper in the 2007-08 season; his yellow card check enlisted 114, even as he served 10 red cards during said season. That season will likewise be associated with the greatest refereeing debate of Clattenburg’s profession:


On October 20, 2007, Everton and Liverpool played in a nearby derby game facilitated by the Toffees, at Goodison Park. Clattenburg had his most noticeably terrible day at the workplace with one easy to refute choice succeeding another, and inquisitively, every one of his choices seemed, by all accounts, to be against Everton.


Everything started with an occurrence including Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and Everton’s Tony Hibbert. Responding to Hibbert’s tackle of Gerrard, the ref granted Liverpool an extra shot while sending Hibbert off with a red card.


The contention was fuelled further by the way that Clattenburg was going to give a yellow card for Hibbert’s offense, and evidently adjusted his perspective after a word with Gerrard. Later in the game, Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt was blameworthy of an abdomen high tackle against Everton’s Phil Lunge. In sharp differentiation with the ruling against Hibbert, Kuyt was assumed the best about and not shipped off.


More discussion was to come as three minutes into injury time, when following Liverpool 2-1, Everton needed a punishment after their striker Jeon Lescott was brought down in the Liverpool box by Reds’ safeguard Jamie Carragher; Clattenburg would not oblige.

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