Wilderness Survival Guide – These 3 Things Must Be Included Or You Will Die

When it happens, and you’re finally really in a life-or-death scenario, your brain may fail, and without an actual wilderness survival guide, all that stuff you thought you knew could leave you up the river without a paddle.

Sure, you’ve been reading the survival blogs, watching the shows, and the like, but there’s no substitute for being there yourself, just you versus the wilderness.

If you are even remotely into survivalist training, you should already have a survival kit, and finding the right survival guide to keep in there could be the finishing touch to your bundle.

Not all survival books are created equal, however, so finding real quality among the hundreds and thousands of options can be a daunting task. Read Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide PDF

Here’s what to look for in the Table of Contents or through browsing the book to make sure it’s got the essentials.

Run for cover. 

The elements can be one of the most dangerous and scary parts of being out in the wild. Whether it’s the sun, predators, the weather, or any other surprise, you’re going to need adequate shelter.

Make sure your survival guide has extensive information about building your own makeshift bunker, preferably with all natural materials.
What’s on the menu?

 Once you’ve built and secured your shelter, it’s time to start ordering up.

Since there probably won’t be any waiters around, you’re going to have to scavenge and hunt for your nutritional needs, and the right survival guide will help you do just that.

Look for a book that not only tells you what you need to kill edible animals, but also tips for doing so, along with a plant guide on what to eat and what to avoid, because you don’t want to stumble onto one of nature’s tempting, but poisonous, snacks.

Which way did he go? 

Hopefully, you’ve already got help on the way and people that are looking for you, but either way you need to start letting it be known, loud and clear, where you are and that you need help.

Look for a book that includes tips and a number of different strategies for signaling to others, including smoke, sand, sound, and light.

You can never have too many options when it comes to this, because it could be your only hope, while you do your best to survive in the meantime.

There are a number of other topics that a great wilderness survival guide will include, but these three are absolutely essential and should be a prominent focus throughout the book.

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