Lip Balms

Lip Balms


During cold and dry weather, we often suffer from dry chapped lips, which is caused by the lack of moisture in lips that could also be the result of the loss of the ability of the skin and lips to ¬†Ormus Lip Balm by Mahina Beaute absorb moisture. To remedy this problem, lip balm was developed to help people keep their lips moist. However, not all types of lip balm are effective in helping our lips remain moist, as there are some that have been proven to not work at all, which includes some of the most popular lip balm products in the market. One of these includes petroleum-based lip balm, or lip balm that has petroleum jelly as one of its main ingredients. This is because these kinds of lip balm have been proven to only provide a temporary way of moisturizing people’s lips given that they do not enhance the moisture absorption capacity of the lips.

There is an alternative to petroleum-based lip balm that has proven effective in keeping lips moist. It is lip balm made out of shea butter. This kind of lip balm is more effective than petroleum-based lip balm because shea butter helps enhance the moisture retention capacity of skin cells on the lips. This is because shea butter has been proven to contain certain ingredients that help cells regain their elasticity, which helps them retain moisture better. On the other hand, petroleum-based lip balm only makes the surface of lips moist, which makes it a poor solution because of the temporary relief it provides. In addition to this, the constant need to apply petroleum-based lip balm on the lips can also cause bacteria to be embedded under the surface of the lips because of how it gets inside the cracks on the lips caused by chapping.

To help keep lips moist during dry conditions, using lip balm can be one of the most viable options to take. However, you should be aware that even the most popular types of lip balm, which includes petroleum-based lip balm, have been proven to be ineffective in keeping lips hydrated. Knowing which types of lip balms really work can keep the lips looking nice and feeling healthy.


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