Gain Email Freedom With Low-Cost Email Migration Tools  

Gain Email Freedom With Low-Cost Email Migration Tools  

In today’s tough economy, many companies are investigating ways to reduce their email costs by switching their email system or changing to a far lower-cost email cloud service. One challenge in moving from one email solution (such as Microsoft Exchange) to another (such as Google Apps or hosted Exchange) is what to do with the   Correo en la Nube    company’s old email data and how to make a smooth transition without disrupting users or overburdening the IT staff.

Email migration enables companies to switch email solutions without fear of losing their historical email data. Some email migration solutions also provide continuous, transparent email replication so that instead a single point-in-time migration rollover, users benefit from ongoing mailbox co-existence and seamless transition. You can use two different mailboxes (for example, Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps/Gmail) not just to move over email, calendar, and contacts but can also keep both systems running until comfortable with making the final cut over to the new email service. IT departments also appreciate this advanced feature because instead of the pain of weekend migrations, they can schedule migration during normal hours without disrupting the work of their user community.


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