How to Use Social Networking Users As Your Own Website Visitors

How to Use Social Networking Users As Your Own Website Visitors

In this post I’m about to demonstrate a simple but extremely powerful, which is used by many SEO experts, to gain the attention Human Website Visitors of unique, truthful and may be users who are interested on your web topic.For what ever your purpose in your site, the only gold depends on the unique visitors of your niche or site.

So as you can see, my blog is about science. So I would make sure and I would really prefer if the majority of the visitors of my blog are people who are interested in science or science students. But I will not like people who are fond of music, coming into my blog, in the thirst of music.

So how you approach this need is by a simple social networking site such as Facebook. So what I can do is, search for a group that is intended for science discussions and then get the members of that group and communicate with them directly. This could at least ensure the visitors are likely to be science fans and this is what we want too. The way you communicate with members is in your own preference. For example you say: “hi, I saw your name in the science group and I’m too interested in this topic. I have a blog too. Have a look on that.”

This is a sample of a message you could send and you also should remember to have the link to your blog or site on each and every message you send.

But another problem arises at the same time so be aware. The problem is you will not be able send messages manually as you are still a human being so you may get tired, bored, etc. Therefore why not trying automating the process? This is the important point. Recently I found a great, flashing tool called, “friend adder elite”, to download this tool just search in Google.

Please don’t misunderstand me. You will not be able send thousands of mails even if the tool could do this. If you exceed your limit, you might get banned permanently from that particular social network. Personally I never like to make great social networks like Facebook to get annoyed for silly reasons. So take my advice not to over use this tool. So have your limits and use this tool as friendly as possible so even the social network such as Facebook and also the site visitors will love you very much.


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