5 Jobs for Recent Grads in Specialized Industries

5 Jobs for Recent Grads in Specialized Industries


When it comes to college, for years we have been told to just go. So long as we received a degree in anything, we would be guaranteed a good paying job. With this mind set many students entered the arts program and received degrees for generalized professions. However, jobs of that nature are saturated with applications  Jobs for recent graduates   . If you would like a decent paying job when you graduate, check out some of these specialized fields.

  1. Investment Banking
    It comes as no surprise that the realm of investment banking is high on the pay list for recent grads. Financial institutions in general are highly paid professions and the average investment banker starting salary is around $42,000. Depending on the institution, that figure can easily reach $50,000.
  2. Students of Law
    Law is a very diverse field with many different job opportunities. The nature of a law degree requires passing rigorous exams; however, the payoff is worth it. The average law student can expect to start making $38,000 after graduation.
  3. Engineering and Construction
    For years it has been common knowledge that engineers make good money. But now that the oil and energy businesses are taking off construction workers can get in on the action. The average starting salary for the energy and oil business is $32,000. Because they are lacking skilled workers, students within these fields will find it easier than anyone else to get hired. More jobs openings are becoming available with the increase in green energy related jobs.
  4. Commercial Media
    All the journalists and editors whose jaws just hit the floor, pick it up, this is not for you. There is more to media than journalism; there are also sales representatives to give marketing pitches, business developers and IT personnel, which are increasing because of the move to online media. These are the ones who could make $32,000 starting off in the media industry.
  5. Consultants
    The consulting business is also on the rise as people look for advice on what career to follow or how to conduct their business and other aspects of their lives. Consultants have an advantage of being able to set their own rates. Currently, the average consultant makes $31,000 a year.


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